Spring has Sprung at Woomargama

Thank heavens for a Spring downpour.

Posted by Clare Cannon on October 23, 2017

Thank heavens for a Spring downpour. Things were looking pretty grim, and we had started drought planning. The 30 ml we had in 20 minutes last week means that we can now make sileage from the lucerne, at least.

This week, as we undertook some shearing, we were proud to announce that Woomargama Station’s wool is now SustainaWOOL accredited. SustainaWOOL is accreditation for wool suppliers in respect of sustainability particularly in relation to:

  • Animal Welfare and Health
  • Traceability
  • Environmental Care/Chemical Handling and Storage
  • Social Responsibility
  • Wool Preparation and Shearing
  • Handling and Transport of Animals
  • Compliance and Auditing
This accreditation sits very well with the Woomargama Station animal husbandry first objective. Despite a dry, cold Winter with plenty of frosts, the lambs and calves did pretty well. We had plenty of twins, including twin calves sired by Days Whiteface “Robin Hood.”

During the Winter, and thanks to Holbrook Landcare Network, about 800 understory plants were planted along Mountain Creek by the front drive. This area is fenced off for revegetation. Sam Niedra and Nigel Jones, formerly of the Nature Conservation Trust, will be collecting native grass seed from the Woomargama Woodland Covenant country to restore native grasses in this area. Watch this space! We are planning a trail from the Woomargama Village Common to the willow wetlands. We are looking forward to attracting lots of interesting birds.

There is quite a bit of fencing going on out in the Covenant area which adjoins the National Park with electric fencing along the bottom. The aim of this is to keep wild dogs, deer, wild pigs and too many kangaroos out of this country. We have spotted a father pig and piglets in this area, and we don’t want them damaging the landscape. You never really know what is going to come out of that National Park—I am sure one day we will see a cheetah which has escaped the zoo!

We are very much looking forward to the Field Trip to Woomargama Station this week as part of the Landcare Conference in Albury. The Field Trip will include a drive out to the Box Woodland Covenant Country, a viewing of some of the tree and understory planting, along with morning tea, and a talk and a Q and A in the Wool Shed. Nick has put all our contented cows and calves in the front drive paddock so that the group can see our Poll Herefords who had their picture on the Herefords Australia social media pages this week. Sam Niedra, Nigel Jones, and staff from Holbrook Landcare and I will be speaking about the conservation work we have done at The Station, and how this has added to our animal welfare and profitability objectives. We look forward to a good morning tea and chat in the Wool Shed on Thursday.